Professional Karate Commission Region #2

The PKC Director, Mr. Donnie Michael, welcomes you to The PKC Region #2 Karate Tournament Series. We are dedicated to preserving the integrity, ethics and principles of Karate-do. Our goal is to serve you in the best and most efficient possible manner. Look for the PKC logo for a truly respectful atmosphere, with good sportsmanship, and exciting competition.

Competition, when done in a respectable manner, teaches us valuable life skills, such
as goal setting, good sportsmanship, the joy of triumph, and most important that real victory is in meeting the challenge..win or lose. How often have you heard successful people say the journey was more important than the result? Meeting all the challenges and adversities along the way is the reward. It is our goal to help competitors see their accomplishments and help them build on those accomplishments to become better people. Competition is a means to stretch yourself in many ways. Even if you don’t achieve the ultimate goal today, there is always tomorrow. Check out the official PKC Region #2 Competition Rules. Mr. Tom Ward is the Director of Ofiicial/Referee Certification.

We invite you to compete at all PKC Sanctioned Events.


The PKC offers individual membership for new members and renewing members, including lifetime membership. We also offer school membership…see Individual and Associate School member options.

Annual Yearbook

In order to preserve the history of the Region, PKC Region #2 designs an annual Yearbook of the tournament series and Region #2 Champions. Published for distribution by the First Tournament of the season each year.

The Region #2 Yearbook includes over 1000 pictures of competitors, Black Belt judges and spectators taken at the events throughout the season. You can pre-order a Region #2 Yearbook (contact Mr. Eugene Talbott) or purchase individual pictures taken throughout the season at our Fotki site.

The Yearbook is a priceless addition to your time as a martial artist and PKC Member. We have tried to include everyone in the yearbook. You view and purchase individual picures from the link below. Yearbooks will be available for purchase at the first few events of the Region#2 Tournament Season, while supplies last. We appreciate your support and your feedback on the books and photos.

PKC Tournament Rules

PKC Region #2 is the longest running martial arts tournament series in the US.  Since 1972 this series has provided a venue for tournament competition to martial artist statewide and recognized, recorded and honored thousands of Regional Champions. 

Founded by GM Glenn R. Keeney, the series provides topnotch Sportsmanship, Respectful Atmosphere, Exciting Competition, Safety, and discount pricing. Through our commitment, experience, and expertise the PKC has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

***Tournament Rules (.pdf version)